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Many types of moulding have more than one use. For instance, a moulding can be used as a crown enhancer and as a chair rail or mull, or part of a base. A crown pattern can be made on a rectangular piece of wood and be used as trim under a mantle or with bookcases. Many profiles can be made on a thicker or larger or smaller stock to achieve a different look. There are no additional charges for this type creativity on your part as long as we don't have to grind a new knife.

We classify our moulding based on the normal function of the moulding and its availability in our system. Based on availability, we refer to mouldings as:

Custom - Highland millworks will be happy to grind custom profile knives based on a drawing or a sample that you would like to duplicate. We grind our own knives, so the grinding charge is nominal, but please allow extra time. Of course normal set up fees apply in addition. Our knives are stored in sliding racks for quick access and set up.

Traditional - Over the years, some patterns have proven to be more popular. We run more of them and on a more frequent schedule. As a result, we tend to stock these and they tend to be more economical, even though we do not guarantee that any particular pattern will always be in stock or in the species that you desire. These patterns are indicated in the numbering system with the phrase "HCM Tradition" in the chart . Set up fees may or may not apply depending on the exact situation.

Classic - We have many more patterns that are not as popular, and are unlikely to be in stock. We are happy to sell you these patterns, but you may experience a slightly longer lead time and normal set up fees will apply.

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